Before submitting

  • Follow the EH&S Waste and Recycling guidelines to see how each type of material should be handled.
  • Lab Equipment Forms should be submitted to EH&S via the contact information on the form. Once submitted EH&S will stop out, inspect and tag each item, then send the completed paperwork to us.
  • If an item is submitted on a Lab Equipment Form, it does not need to be submitted again on a regular Excess Property form.
  • All items must be disconnected from the building prior to our removal. Things like whiteboards and bookshelves need to be removed from the wall and any equipment needs to be disconnected from building electrical/water lines. Any L-shaped or U-shaped desk setups may need to be disassembled prior to our removal as well. See contacts below if there are questions about any of the items on your request.
  • Lost and Found items should be submitted on a separate form from any other surplus items.
  • Some examples of common items Surplus does not take:
    • Syringes and needles
    • Used/opened cans of paint
    • Used chemicals, cleaning supplies, and aerosols
    • Old paperwork
    • Broken/burnt-out light bulbs
    • Broken glassware
  • For computer equipment, please ensure the following:
    • Apple products
      • Remove iCloud associations
      • Remove firmware passwords
    • General Equipment
      • Remove BIOS/firmware passwords
      • Factory reset any admin accounts
  • Please make sure all contact information is filled out at the top of the form, and make sure item locations are accurate.
  • Contact, Curtis Hardman (4-7300), Tamara (Wicks) Jewell (4-5762), or Logan Gaedke (4-7333) with any questions.

Submitting Forms

  • Email to (Preferred method)
  • Campus mail to:
    • ISU Surplus
    • 195 General Services Building

After Submission

  • Please keep items, especially electronics, secure until we are able to schedule a pickup
  • Please notify us if you plan to reuse or move some of the submitted items, and we'll update the paperwork.

The Forms

Lab Equipment Disposal Form [Updated August 17, 2023]

Excess Property Disposal Form [Updated June 22, 2023]

If you have a large amount of items to dispose of, we have an extended form available as well.

Excess Property Disposal Form (5-Page Version) [Updated June 22, 2023]