Sale Inventory

Updated: 5/21/2024

Books (New 1/9/2024)
10 mL Conical Tubes w/ Blue Cap
(4) 1000 ml Flask/Bottle
11pc Dish Set
2 Audio-Technica ATW-R3100 Receivers
2 Hole Punch
2 Tier Desk w/ Wheels
(2) 3 Dr File Cabinet
3 Dr File Cabinet w/ Wheels
3 Hole Punch
(5) 4 Dr File Cabinet
4.5' Lit Yuletide Pine Artificial Tree (From the Knoll)
4.5' Un-Lit Fancy Pine Artificial Tree (From the Knoll)
(4) 5 Dr File Cabinet
5 Dr Lateral File Cabinet
7.5' Unlit Artificial Tree (From the Knoll)
9' Pre-Lit Artificial Tree (From the Knoll)
[Water Bottle] Artic
(3) [Water Bottle] Bubba
[Water Bottle] Columbia
[Water Bottle] Dunkin'
[Water Bottle] Health and Wellness
(8) [Water Bottle] Hydro Flask
[Water Bottle] Life is Good
(2) [Water Bottle] Takeya
[Water Bottle] Tal
(2) [Water Bottle] Yeti
[Water Bottle] Zak
[Water Bottle] Zulu
A&D FX-6000 Scale
Accu-Lite Plate Reader
(4) Acoustic Magic Bar Speaker
Adding Machine Tape (8 rolls)
Advance AquaSpot
(2) AE Techron Model 8415 Amplifier
Aiptek Tripod
Akta Prime FPLC System
Misc. Allflex TSU Applicator V3
Alta Robbins Inc. Model 100-SS U-Type Monometer
(2) American Lincoln 16 Buffer
(2) Antenna Extension Cable RPTNC Plug 72"
Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat
(6) APC Patch Cable 5' Ethernet
(2) Apple iMac 14,1
Apple iMac 14,1 For Parts
Apple iMac 15,1
Apple iMac 16,2
(2) Apple iMac 18,2
(9) Apple iMac 18,3
(3) Apple iMac 19,1
Apple iPad Keyboard Dock A1359
(4) Apple iPad Mini 2 16GB A1489
Apple iPad Mini 4 128GB A1538
(3) Apple iPad Mini 4 128GB A1550
Apple iPad Mini 4 32GB A1550
(4) Apple iPad Mini 5th Gen 64GB A2126
Apple iPad Mini 5th Gen 64GB A2133
(2) Apple iPad Pro 10.5" 64GB A1701
Apple LED Cinema Display 24" A1267
Apple MacBook Air 3,2 No HDD
Apple MacBook Air 5,2
Apple MacBook Air 5,2 No HDD
(4) Apple MacBook Air 6,2
Apple MacBook Air 6,2 No Charger
(3) Apple MacBook Air 7,2
Apple MacBook Air 7,2 No HDD
Apple MacBook Pro 10,1 For Parts
Apple MacBook Pro 11,1 No Charger
Apple MacBook Pro 11,3 No HDD
Apple MacBook Pro 11,5 For Parts
(2) Apple MacBook Pro 12,1 For Parts
(2) Apple MacBook Pro 12,1 No Charger
Apple MacBook Pro 4,1
(2) Apple MacBook Pro 5,3 No HDD
Apple MacBook Pro 6,2 No HDD
Apple MacBook Pro 8,1 No HDD
Apple MacBook Pro 9,1 No HDD
(2) Apple MacBook Pro 9,2 No HDD
Apple PowerBook G4 3,3 For Parts
Apple PowerBook G4 3,5
Apple PowerBook G4 5,5
Apple PowerBook G4 5,7
Apple PowerBook Pro 3,1 For Parts
Arjo Hydrosound Bath Wall Panel 001B-1034831R
Asus 20" Monitor
Asus Q502L For Parts For Parts
(6) Atlas/Soundolier AS62A Speaker
Audio-Technica ATW-R3100 Reciever
Audio-Technica ATW-T310B Reciever
(2) Audio-Technica ATW-T310b UHF Transmitter
Audio-Technica ATW-T3201 UHF Transmitter
(3) Audio-Technica ATW-T341b Microphone
(3) Autoclave Metal Pipette Container/Canister
(2) AV Cart
AV Cart w/Monitor and Camera Mount
(2) AV/Electrical Box
Avaya Phone
Avervision PL50 Document Camera
Avery 5215 Labels
(6) Avery Monarch Pathfinder Ultra Labels 402-235
Axis P1355 Network Camera
(5) Bags of Misc. Hardware
(2) BAII Plus Calculator
Barnstead Easy Pure II UV/UF Water System D8611
Barnstead NanoPure Infinity Ultrapure Water System
Barnstead Nanopure Infinity Ultrapure Water System (Parts Only)
Bausch & Lomb Microscope Head
Bed Frame
Belkin Tablet Keyboard Case
Bike-Kawasaki K26G
Bike-Kawasaki Team Green
Bike-Kent Trouble Maker
Bike-Pacific Quick Silver
Bio Rad Model 543 Gel Dryer
BioBase Freeze Dryer BK-FD10S (Parts Only)
BioRad Thermal Cycler (Parts Only) Model C1000 Touch
Black Magic Design Intensity Extreme
Black Magic Design UltraStudio Express
Black Magic Design UltraStudio SDI
(13) Blanket
(5) Blender Pitcher (Lab Use Only)
(11) Bobrick B-983 Vandal-Resistant Clothes Hook
Boekel Rocker II
Bogen TC-1 Copy Stand
(10) Bose Speaker
Box of Paper
Brother XL-2600 i
Bruker Heat Exchanger BLK300
(2) Buchi 461 Water Bath
Buchi B-480 Water Bath
(2) Bulletin Board
Bunk Bed Ladder
Butchers Ranger Cleaner/Sprayer
(18) Cables Misc. Sizes
Cambridge Instruments Illuminators Base
(9) Camera Bag
Campbell CR21 Micrologger
Canon FX3
Canon PowerShot A510
Casio FX-570 ES Calculator
Chain 925 Silver
(36) Chair
Chalk Board
(2) Cisco Linksys E1200
(2) Cisco Teleconference System
Clamp On Work Lamp
Clarke Alto CombiVac 614
Clip-On Lamp
Clothes Iron
Coby CX-R122
(2) Coffee Carafe
Coffee Table
(2) Cole Parmer Flatbed Recorders
Cole Parmer Portable Magnetic Stirrer
Columbia Jacket Men's
(6) Container
Container w/Lid
(7) Copy Paper Ream
Cork Board
Costar Cell Culture Flask 3050/55 (qty 20 sealed)
Crafts Misc. (box)
Crown CTS 4200
Crown CTs 4200
Cusiinart Coffee Pot
Custom PC Dual GTX 750
Cyberpower 825VA
(50) Cylinder/Container
D-Link DES-1108 Ethernet Switch
D-Link DGS-1008G Switch
D-Link DGS-2208 Gigabit Switch
(2) D-Link DSS-8 Switch
D-Link Ethernet Switch
Decorative Fabric
(2) Dell 17" Monitor
(3) Dell 17" Monitor No Stand
(8) Dell 19" Monitor
(5) Dell 19" Monitor No Stand
(12) Dell 20" Monitor
(7) Dell 20" Monitor No Stand
(38) Dell 22" Monitor
(2) Dell 23" Monitor
(8) Dell 24" Monitor
Dell 42U Server Rack
Dell Dual Monitor Stand
Dell GP61NB60 External USB DVDRW Drive
Dell Latitude 5480 For Parts
Dell Latitude 5580
(5) Dell Latitude 7400
(2) Dell Latitude 7480
(5) Dell Latitude 7490
Dell Latitude C540 For Parts
(2) Dell Latitude E5440
Dell Latitude E5470 For Parts
Dell Latitude E6420 No HDD
Dell Latitude E7240
Dell Latitude E7240 No Charger
Dell Latitude E7250
Dell Latitude E7250 For Parts
Dell Latitude E7250 No Charger
(2) Dell Latitude E7440
(2) Dell Latitude E7440 For Parts
Dell Latitude E7450
Dell Latitude E7450 For Parts
Dell Latitude E7450 No Charger
(4) Dell Latitude E7470
(2) Dell Latitude E7470 For Parts
Dell Latitude E7470 No Charger
Dell Latitude E7470 No Charger No Battery
Misc. Dell Mini DisplayPort to Displayport Adapters
(4) Dell Optiplex 5040
Dell Optiplex 7050
Dell OptiPlex 7050
(3) Dell Optiplex 7060
(3) Dell Optiplex 7070
Dell Optiplex 9010
(8) Dell Optiplex 9020
Dell OptiPlex 9020
Dell Optiplex 980
(2) Dell Optiplex 990
Dell Precision M3800 For Parts
Dell Precision T1650
(11) Dell Precision T1700
(2) Dell Precision Tower 3420
Dell Precision Tower 3430
Dell U2717D 27" Monitor
Dell XPS L321X No Charger
Dell Zylux Multimedia Computer Speaker System
Denver Instrument APX-323
Denver Instrument M-220 Scale
Denver Instrument S-64 Scale
(31) Desk
(2) Desk 30" x 80"
Desk 36" x 94"
(3) Desk Arm Piece
Desk Hutch 78"W x 54"H x 14'D
Desk Top Easel
Desk Top Organizer
Desk Top Organizer w/Drawers
(2) Desk w/ Electronics
(3) Desk-topper (wood)
Device Charging Station
Dirt Devil Versa Power Vacuum
Display Case w/ Stand
Displays2Go Wire Book Display Stand
(4) Dispomed Bain Block
(2) Dispomed E Tank Yoke w/Anstank Rings
Donnay Tennis Racket
(5) Dremel 3D45 3D Printer
Drierite Gas Drying Unit
Dukane 653 Overhead Projector
Eheim Professional 3 Canister Aquarium Filter
Elbow Fittings Misc. Sizes
(5) Electro Wiz Kit
Electronics Rack
Elmo P30 HD Presenter
(2) Elmo P30S Presenter
Elmo Visual Presenter
(2) Elmo Visual Presenter P3OS
ENI Model 325LA RF Power Amplifier
Environmental Chamber for Leica DMIRB Microscope
Eppendorf Mastercycle
Epson Perfection 3170 Photo
Epson TM-T88V M244A Receipt Printer
Extron DMP 128 Digital Matrix Processor
(3) Extron DTP HDMI 230 Rx
(2) Extron DTP HDMI 330 Rx
(2) Extron DTP HDMI 330 Tx
Extron HDMI DA2, DA2 HD 4K
Extron IN 1606 Switcher
(3) Extron IN1606
Extron IPCP 505, HDMI DA2
Extron IPL 250
Extron TLP 350MV Panel
Extron TLP 700MV Touchlink Panel
(2) Extron TLP-700-TV TouchLink Panel
(8) Eye Glass Cases
(5) Fastway Fasteners Stud Pin
File Box
File Folders w/Metal Box
(20) First Aid Kit
(2) Fisher Accumet Model 650
Fisher Scientific Cylinder Clamp
Fisher Scientific Isotemp 110
Fisher Scientific Model 910 Circulator
Fisher Scientific Petri Dishes Qty 20
(4) Floor Mat
Flower Pot
Fotodyne Foto/Prep I UV Transilluminator 3-3500
Frame 8" x 10"
Framed Sign "Prepared"
Framed Sign "Strong"
Futon Frame
(2) Garbage Can
(2) Gas Can 1 Gallon
Gatorade Sports Beverage Cooler
GBC Shredmaster 6020s
(3) General Radio Co. 1531-A Strobatac
Gizmos Gears Game
(9) Glass Pane
Go Pro Case (only) w/Accessories
Hamilton Beach Brew Station Coffee Maker
Hangers (qty 10)
Hanging Shower Caddy
Hanging Weights Set
Harman/Kardon Multimedia Speaker System
Harmon Kardon HK695 Speaker
Heidbrink Kinet-O-Meter Cart w/Gauges
Heidolph Heating Bath HB 4000 Digi (parts only)
Hilfigger 0116692112 Raddix Sunglasses
(4) Holder/Container
Honeywell Premium Wireless Door Chime
HP 05A Black Toner
HP 11x Toner
(2) HP 23 Tricolor
HP 26 Black Toner
HP 29 Black Toner
HP 305A Cyan Toner
HP 305A Yellow Toner
HP 35670A Dynamic Signal Analyzer
(4) HP 37X Toner
HP 42A Laser Jet Cartridge
(4) HP 45 Black Toner
HP 507A Cyan Toner
HP 507X Black Toner
HP 51A Black Toner
(2) HP 5315B Universal Counter
HP 643A Black Toner
(3) HP 648A Cyan Toner
HP 648A Magenta Toner
(2) HP 648A Yellow Toner
HP 64A Black Toner
(4) HP 78 Tricolor Toner
HP 920 Combo Pack Toner
(2) HP 920XL Black Toner
(2) HP 932 Black Toner
(2) HP 932XL Black Toner
(4) HP 933XL Cyan Toner
(2) HP 933XL Magenta Toner
(2) HP 933XL Yellow Toner
HP 96 Black Toner
(3) HP 97 Tricolor Toner
(2) HP C4096A Toner
HP C4194A Yellow Toner
HP DesignJet Z3200 Photo For Parts
HP Harrison 6290 A DC Power Supply
HP LaserJet 4200n
(2) HP LaserJet Enterprise M608
HP LaserJet P2035
HP LaserJet P2055d
HP LaserJet P2055dn
HP LaserJet P3015
HP LaserJet P4014n
HP Q7528A Magenta Toner
HP Q7528A Yellow Toner
HP Scanjet 8300
HP Scanjet G4050
HP Z600 Workstation
(2) HP6284A DC Power Supply
HSM Securio B32
(2) Hubbell Wiring Floortrak FT3BK25
I Pad/Display Stand
(2) Ika RO-10 Benchtop Magnetic Stirrer
ILCO Unican PS1-100212-001 Power Supply
In Box/Organizer-Metal
Instrumentation Laboratory Flame Photometer
(49) ISU Motorcycle License Covers
ISU Name Badges
Jabra Headset
Jabra Pro 930
Jabra WHB00BC Headset
Janke-Kunkel Ika-Labortechnik Ultra-Turrax T25
(2) Keyboard Under Desk Tray
(2) Kimax No. 14000 Lab Glass 1000ml
Misc. Kitchen Utensils
Knopp Phase Sequence Indicator Model K-3
Kodak ScanMate i1120 Scanner
Kramer VP-200K
Krefft Meat Grinder
Lab Bottles (plastic) Misc. Sizes
Misc. Lab Clamp
Lab Coat
(5) Lab-Volt 30004-10 Power Supply
Labels (box)
Labtec AM-22 Microphone
Labtec LVA-7330 Headset
Lenovo 24" Monitor
Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Ultrabook Keyboard
Lenovo ThinkPad X200 UltraBase
LEPower Computer Light
Leviton 8452-P Blade Plug
LG 42LY770M-UA 42" TV
(2) Lifetime 26" Adjustable Folding Table
Light Fixture
Lindberg Tube Furnace
Liquid Soap Dispenser
Lit Pencil Tree (From the Knoll)
Lithonia GEB10IS Light Fixture
Logitech Quickcam Communicate MP
Logitech V-UBM46 Webcam
London Blue-103
Lounge Chair
(3) Lulzbot TAZ Pro 3D Printer
Magnavox DVD/VCR Player MWD2205
Makita Tool Case
Maytag Neptune MLG2000AWW (New-Discontinued)
Metal 18"-21" Stool Adjustable
(4) Metal Shelving Unit
Metal Shelving Unit w/ Glass Doors
Metal Storage Cabinet
Metal Tray
Mettler Compact Titrator Model DL20
Mettler PE 3600 Scale
Mettler Toledo AB204-S/FACT Scale (parts only)
(2) Microscope Slide Storage Box
Microsoft Surface Book 3 Model 1907 Keyboard Base
Millennium ASE (parts) 2 Pc
(2) Millennium ASE (parts) 3 Pc
Milli-Q Water Purification System
Millipore Milli-Q Academic (Parts Only)
Milton Roy Spectronic 20
Milton Roy Spectronic 20D
Milwaukee Power Plus Drill
Mindray Datascope Spectrum OR w/Gas Module 3
Mini D Tripod
(4) Mini Flashlight
Mirror w/Silver Frame 34" x 45"
(4) Misc. PVC Pipe w/ Bag
Misonix EL2000 Ultrason Cell Disruptor (parts Only)
(3) Mission Style Chair
Mission Style Wood Desk
MJ Research Peltier Thermal Cycler (Parts Only)
MJ Research PTC-100 Programable Controller
Mj Research PTC-200
Mobee MO3212-42 Inductive Charger
Motorola Accessory
(4) Motorola Headset
(3) Motorola Impres 6 Slot Adaptive Charger
(2) Motorola Impres Adaptive Charger
(8) Motorola Impres Battery
Movado MO. 15.718.832 Swiss Quartz Watch
Mr Coffee 5 Cup Coffee Maker
MS 203 Speaker System
N4X Technick Apollo ATC401 Thermal Cycler
(2) Nalgene Jug w/ Spout
National Instruments SCB-68 MIO-16E
NEC PE401H Projector
Netgear EAX15 AX1800 Mesh Extender
Netgear GS108 Gigabit Switch
Netgear GS116 Gigabit Switch
(2) New Brunswick Scientific Innova 2000 Platform Shaker
Newspaper Holder/Stand - Wood
Nike Lunch Box
Nikon Transformer
Nilfisk Advance Back Vacuum XP
(4) Nobles WD1592EV Typhoon EV Wet/Dry Vac
NuArc LT23 Light Table
(10) Nunclon Containers 5pc-Package
Ohaus Explorer Pro
Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-852
Olympus SD30 Microscope
Olympus Voice-Trek V-8231478
Omnidata Polycorder PC-602
(2) OtterBox Samsung Galaxy Tab4 Case
OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock
Panasonic RP-2692 Foot Pedal
Pandora Ring ALE R 64 Size 12
Papertowel Dispenser
(25) Parking Meters
Pathfinder Ultra 6039
Pennsylvania Model 5600 Scale
Permanent Marker(s) (bag)
Personal Protection Disposable Gowns (box) Size Regular
Philips Magnavox AZ1010/17 CD Radio Player
Philips VHS Video Cleaner
Picture Frame 20" x 30"
Pineapple Vase
Pink Air Sharapova Prince Racket
Pipet-Aid P-74620
(2) Pipets Disposable, Plugged, Sterile, Wrapped (box)
PL4A 4" Pouch Laminator
Plantronic Headset
(2) Plantronics C054 Headset
Plantronics Headphones
Plantronics TriStar H81 Headset
PLDO-120US15A In Line Suppressor
Plustek OpticBook 3800 Scanner
Popcorn Machine
(6) Portable Room Divider
(9) Power Strip
Powerware 9125
(3) Presentation Covers (box)
Projector Screen
(6) ProTeam 1500XP Vacuum
(2) ProTeam DT100 Tail Vac
(2) ProTeam SHV-100 Super Halfvac
(6) ProTeam SQV-100 Super Quartervac
ProTeam SQV-100 Super Quartvac
ProTeam Super Coach Pro 6
Pyrex Dish w/ Lid
Raco Service Entrance Elbow
Radio Part w/Tubes-Vintage
Rainin Rabbit Peristalic Pump
RCA Male/Male 12'
(4) Realistic Microphone w/ Stand
(3) Recycle Bin
(19) Remote
Ricoh Aficio MP 2852
Ricoh Aficio MP 3053
Ricoh Toner EDP 841332
(5) Ricoh Toner EDP 841337
Ricoh Waste Toner Bottle SP C811DN
(43) Rolling Chair
(3) Rolling Pin
Rolling Stand Base
Rough Cut Ash 19.5bf
Rough Cut Hackberry 32.5bf
Rough Cut Hackberry 8.25bf
(2) Round Pedestal Table
Round Pedestal Table 36"
Rubbermaid Mop Bucket
(2) Rubbermaid Mop Wringer
(6) Safety Vest
Samsung 22" Monitor
Sanitaire Floor Scrubber
Sartorius Scale 2472
Sate-Lite 711 Reflector
Schneider Electric TCSMCNAM3M002P
Sears Lady Kenmore 8 Speed 600 Blender
Misc. Seed Trays
Sennheiser D10HS
Sequoia-Turner Fluorometer 450
Shimadzu UV-Visible Recording Spectrophotometer
Shower Chair
Side Cabinet 52"W x 52"H x 22'D
Side Table
Siemens ESP100 Overload Relay
Siemens RapidPoint 500
(4) Simpson Strong-Tie Acrylic-Tie Fast Pac
(9) Slide Box
Slik Tripod
(19) Small Bowls
(2) Sofa
Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H7
Sony Handycam HDR CX190
(4) Sony Handycam HDR-CX220
Sony UP-D897 Digital Graphic Printer
SOS Emergency Response Program/Button
Spectr. AA GBC-932AA
Spool Cable
SSS UHS-20 1500XL Floor Scrubber
Stainless Steel Work Table
Stand Folding
Sterling Silver 1BBCN 925 Bar Necklace
Sterling Silver Necklace
(9) Stool
(25) Stop Watch
Storage Cabinet
(7) Sunglasses
(2) Sunpak Travel Lite Tripod
Swen Sonic Bath Wall Panel 001B-0001010
(5) Swim Goggles
(4) Table
Table & 4 Chairs
Table w/ Wheels
Targus AMP0302US Presentation Remote
Tecator AB Part#10000605
Tecator Digestion System 40 Model 1016
Tektronix TM503
(5) Tennant V-DMU-14 Vacuum
Test Tubes (bag)
Testresources Controller 2350-2S- L Series
Testresources Power Pack Lex-8-EP
(2) Thermal Paper Rolls 2.25" x 165'
TI-30X IIB Calculator
(2) TI-36X Pro Calculator
TI-83 Calculator
TI-83 Plus Calculator
TI-84 Plus CE Calculator
TOA 900 Series II A-903MK2 Amp
(2) Tote
(2) Tote w/Lid
Tree Candy Jar
Tree Print Framed
Trek 677B Supply/Amplifier
Trimble GPS Pathfinder Pocket GPS Receiver 43800-00
Trimble GPS Pathfinder ProXH 52250-00
(4) Tripod
Tripod Easel
(2) Tripp-Lite DVI & Audio Splitter
TV Mount
(2) Uline Dot Shot H-1163
Uni West US-1000 Eddy Current Testing Instrument
Uni West US-400 Eddy Current Testing Instrument
Union Fittings Misc. Sizes
UWE Geniweigher GW-15k
UWE GS-12k
(2) Vase
(7) Vent
Victor Gauge
Vidal Sassoon Blow Dryer
Vintage Dolly
Vintage Scientist Combination Safe Cabinet (with combo)
(2) Viper E43 Auger
Viper VN2015 Buffer (Parts Only)
Virtis Freeze Dryer Model 6201-3150
VoiceJoy Headset
Wacom Intuos 2 Graphics Tablet
Wall Organizer
(4) Waters 501 HPLC Pump
(2) Waters 510 HPLC Pump
Wavetek Model 3001 Signal Generator
(15) Weather and Transaction Strips
Weight Belt
White Board
(3) Whiteboard
(2) Window
Windsor Sensor S12 Vacuum
Windsor T716 Vacuum
WIPS2 TWP-1500
(12) Wire Shelf
Misc. Wood Board
Wood Chair
Wood Framed Mirror
Wood Paper Tray
(13) Wood Shelf
(2) Work Bench
Work Lamp
Yamato Lab Equipment Arm
Zagg Rugged Book iPad Keyboard Cover


Upcoming Closings

  • No Dept Sale 5/28/24
  • No Public Sale 5/29/24

Sale Hours

Office Furniture

File Cabinets $5 - $50
Metal Desks $5 - $50
Wood Desks $25- $200
Tables $5 - $50
Chairs $1 - $50
$10 - $100

Computer Equipment

Keyboards $3
Mice $3
Speakers $1-5
Printers $1 - $100
Computers $1 - $300
Servers $10 - $300
Monitors $1 - $75
Cables $0.25 - $5
Hard Drives $3-30